Couple Spends 26 Years Replanting a Rainforest, Here’s What It Looks Like Today

By: Themindcircle
Via: Themindcircle

The only wild life sanctuary in India was owned by Anil Malhorta and her wife, Pamela Gale Malhorta and it was named SAI sanctuary. It was founded in 1991and ever since then, they have been protecting and replanting forests and wildlife. As of now, the sanctuary are home to more than 200 endangered species of plant and animals which covers over 300 acres of wildlife including Asian elephants and Bengal tigers.



The land was an abandoned lands when they first came here, it took them a lot of care, energy, time and years to bring the sanctuary into existence as it was an abandoned rice fields, coffee, and cardamom fields where deforestation has taken place.



In 1970s, the forest cover of the area where is located i.e. Kodagu district in India has experienced a dramatic overturn in forest cover from compared to today from 86% to 16%. It was told by Pamela that this is as result of disastrous effects of water supply and rainfall in the whole south of India.



The couple is trying hard to make sure that the environment provides shelter for the animals, and through that, the animal will keep the forest healthy. Pamela explained that along with her husband, they are satisfied and happy with what they are doing as nothing more cold make them more happy.




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